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Web Design Ideas for Your New Site

When you are in the middle of creating a new website, you will have loads of ideas popping into your head which you can try to get onto your site.  The problem is, there are often too many creative ideas to use all at once! Here are some of the classic things to try to get onto your website for a great style and design.

Perfect Layout

The ideal layout of a website will depend on the industry you are in and what your site is for; if you are trying to get people to buy your product, then laying out in a grid way will work well. Position your key sales text and links to products above the fold of the site (the point where you need to begin scrolling to see the rest of the page).

Ideal Content

The content of your site is very important. The content is not only read by search engines, but your customers too! Therefore it needs to clearly describe your serivces/products and read well.  Make sure the grammar and spelling is perfect too!

Colours and Images

Make sure you do not have too many different colours all at once. Try to make a colour scheme of 2 to 3 colours and stick with those throughout the site.  Images are good to have on your pages to help break up large chunks of text.