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How to Use SEO Tools Well

There are loads of different SEO tools which are available for people to use, many of them free as well.  These can be a little overwhelming to the people who are unfamiliar with them! Some of our favourites include:

Majestic: this is a tool which can show you the backlinks to your site, as well as give you an indication of the strength of your domain.  This is not a completely free tool, it has some subscription options for people to choose from.

SEM Rush: This is another paid for tool which can help you to audit your site and see where you need to make improvements. It can track your position on search engines, so you can clearly see progress.

Small SEO Tools: These are a handy group of tools which are free to use, allowing you to check various aspects of your site. We like the page rank checker, which can help give an idea of how strong your site is.