Getting Your Website Seen

Getting Your Website Seen

Having a business website is important for most businesses, as many of our clients and customers use the internet to not only research items, services, or products, but to buy them too.  It is not always straightforward getting visitors to actually find your website.  As there are millions of websites currently on the internet, what exactly are the steps for getting people to find you?

There are three key ways to help customers find your site.


Paid Advertising (PPC)

Social Media Marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is one of the most effective, long term solutions for helping people to find your site.  It uses several strategies to help your site climb up the search engine rankings, allowing it to eventually get to the elusive top spot on the first page.

Paid search, PPC (or Pay Per Click) is another method for chanelling visitors to your site.  Here, you essentially bid for ad space at the top of the search page, and you pay the search engine a fee each time someone clicks on your advert. There are some tricky parts to setting up an effective ads campaign, so this can work in the short term, but is generally a bit expensive to do long term.

Social media allows your brand to utilise the power of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get people to see your content and then click onto your website.