Designing a User Friendly Website

Designing a User Friendly Website

We all want our websites to not only look nice but perform well. The two do not need to be mutually exclusive!  Here are some tips for designing a user friendly site which looks great and performs well too.


Page load speed is important to your visitors, as people are generally keen to find information quickly and efficiently. It is also a good indicator for search engines that your website is high quality. Try to get your page load speed as fast as you can by getting your web designer to minimise the use of heavy plugins and bulky code.


The layout is important! You want key information to be easily accessible, with call to actions dotted around (but not too many).  Ensure important information like prices is clear and easy to find, along with important details about your product or service.  You want the layout to be fairly minimal and clean. Grid layouts tend to work well for this.


The colour scheme of your site can make a difference to your customers.  On the whole, try to avoid having light text on top of a light background, or dark text on a dark background.  Consider the colours you use for text and headings, ensuring that they make a harmonious match.