BlueGriffon – WYSWIG Editor is Fantastic

BlueGriffon is just a WYSIWYG content publisher for that Internet. Run by Gecko, Firefox’s rendering engine, webpages can be edited by it to Web Specifications in conformance. It operates on Windows Macos X and Linux.

BlueGriffon complies with the web standards of all the W3C. It may produce and modify pages relating to XHTML 1.1 HTML 4, HTML 5. It helps all areas of CSS 3 currently applied by Gecko and CSS 2.1. BlueGriffon contains SVG- a XUL, change -based publisher for SVG that’s initially dispersed being an add on to Opera and was tailored to BlueGriffon.

It is liberated to download (present secure model is 1.7.2) and can be obtained on Windows, Macos X and Linux.

Several improvements can be found via add ons.

Disruptive Innovations was among five Development prize winners because of its BlueGriffon task throughout the Demonstration Mug structured included in the 2010 Open-World Community used in October 2010 in London.